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We are a group of women united with a vision of a better future through dignified and well-paid work. We are committed to providing high quality service to our customers, and we clean with care and attention to detail.

- Anonymous

My apartment has literally never looked better. Arela R. pays such close attention to detail. Everything is sparkling! I’m so happy.

- Maura Malone

Arela R. did an amazing job. My apt is literally sparkling. I’m thrilled!

- Maura Malone

Arela was fabulous. I came home to a sparkling apartment and the most minor of details attended to (picture frames in the right spot, my book right by my bed, etc.) I highly highly recommend Brightly Tribeca!

- Geny Kimbrell

- Anonymous

- Anonymous

I had a move out cleaning and the apartment was immaculate! Thank you for everything.

- Joanna Cohen

- Anonymous

Isela and Norberta were extra thorough in our large 3 bedroom/3 bathroom apartment. Went the extra mile cleaning the inside of our trashcans, high cabinets, coffee maker and other appliances in addition to cleaning our floors, surfaces etc. We were really happy with the experience and will definitely request them again.

- Christina Friel

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