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"We pride ourselves in creating a bright and fresh environment for our clients, and define ourselves by putting quality first. We collectively have more than 100 years of cleaning experience, and are all trained in OSHA and Effective Green Cleaning Techniques. We are committed to providing the best possible service for our clients.

We are a progressive, dreamy and persevering group of workers with the vision of creating a world with more economic opportunities and where the rights of workers are respected."

What People Are Saying:

  • "The cleaners were on time, super thorough, and my home was clean as a whistle! They are lovely and so conscientious. Greatest cleaning experience ever!" - Julia

  • "Brightly Cleaning executed a phenomenal clean to my apartment. They were flexible, professional and communicative. Would certainly recommend and am excited to work with them again." -Grace

  • "They were a joy to have in our home and incredibly thorough in their cleaning. They were clear in communicating with us and made the entire process simple. I would highly recommend - the house has never been cleaner!!" - Andrew

I am so amazed by the service I received! Thank you so much. I honestly never realized that my apartment needed this. Will be returning.

- Lily Swistel

I had a great experience with Norma! It was quick and detailed.

- Katie Knoepker

Theresa did a great job cleaning my home, especially the hard-to-reach spots I tend to forget.

- Eileen Connell

- Anonymous

The initial deep cleaning was so needed and it felt great to freshen up the house so much. Also, our cleaner was friendly and kind and did a great job!

- Anonymous

- Lina Orjuela

- Denise Burnette

Norma does fantastic thorough work! It was the Fresh Start service and my apartment is cleaner than I ever imagine - way cleaner than the day I moved in! Miraculous! Norma was great to work with, too. She was flexible and adapted to my equipment (ie vaccum w/ missing parts) and on time. Thank you so much Norma and Up and Go!

- Stacey McCarthy

- Patricia Estrella

- Alva Burton

- Whitney Masulis

Very efficient and able to adapt to the challenges of my apartment. Also very friendly and pleasant person to work with.

- Anonymous

The apartment was spotless and smelled fantastic. The cleaners were organized, efficient and detailed in their work. I will be using this service again, definitely!

- Mary Christine Carty

- Anonymous

- Naima Lewis

Courteous, attentive, prompt! Port Richmond did a great job!!!

- Ruben Sun

- Joshua Vickery

Our Up&Go Cleaner did a thorough job of cleaning our condo! I'd say we got more than our monies worth for all the extra time spent on every nook and cranny! Will definitely use the service again!!!

- Thaderine MacFarlane

I can always count on Norma to leave my place spotless.

- Alva Burton

The apartment is gloriously clean. I was very impressed with the meticulous attention to every detail and to the care, patience, and time they took. I will definitely use this service regularly.

- Deborah Karl

We are extremely happy!!!! Norma is a very thorough and alway professional. I recommend her to everyone.

- Denise Burnette

Super job

- Joshua Vickery

Teresa was very, very thorough and extremely pleasant. She took her time and I couldn't be happier.

- Anonymous

Could not have been happier. An extremely thorough cleaning!

- Stephen Parrish

- Eileen Hengel

Teresa broke a plate of glass from a picture frame. I think I would like to try a new cleaner.

- Anna Dengler

Araceli provided wonderful service in our home. She was friendly and kept me updated with when she had finished a section and have never seen the apartment look so great. Would highly recommend!

- Cristina Schlobohm

Theresa G. is the best!

- Scott Sasso

- Eileen Hengel

- adam heim

- Elliot Bentley

Socorro and Saul were great and did a very thorough job on our apartment! Arrived on time and did a really thorough job! Would recommend to anyone.

- Ruchir Khaitan

- Jennifer Muto

- David Moody

- Anonymous

The cleaning service is great!!! But The app is hard to use- and change/ cancellation fees really high.I accidentally cancelled my appt when trying to make a change, I had to reschedule for another time - and they charged me over 100$ Change fee.

- Anonymous

Very professional and excellent cleaning and service

- Christina Wegs

Brightly is such a gift to me and my new family! They are thorough and use high-quality, safe products. I’m busy and tired as a new mom. I’m also very conscientious about cleanliness. Brightly saves me hours every week and gives me tremendous peace of mind. Everything is so clean when they leave! I love it! Thank you!

- Lindsey Shufelt

Thanks always through. The apartment looks good.

- Anonymous

The best!

- Anonymous

They were very pleasant and polite. They arrived on time and did a through job. My home was sparkling when they finished! Excellent home beautification experts.

- Anonymous

Saul was amazing! He was extremely thorough and worked meticulously to ensure everything was clean. I can’t wait to schedule my next cleaning!

- Sera Yoshino

- Amanda Johnson

Saul was an absolute delight, and stayed as long as he needed to get our place sparkling clean. Our apartment looks better than it did when we moved in, and we'll be sure to recommend him, and Brightly, to our family and friends! Thank you, Saul!!

- Anonymous

Brightly Cleaning went above and beyond! Saul was communicative, prompt, and so incredibly thorough. His cleaning far exceeded my expectations and I would not hesitate to use Brightly Cleaning again and again.

- Allison Kadin

- Samuel Jackson

- Anonymous

Great cleaning! The back sliding door was left open, however. Please be careful next time. Thank you.

- Marj Kleinman

Response from Up & Go:

Marj, Thank you so much for letting us know about this, and we apologize for this issue. We have passed this along to the cleaning team, and will send an additional reminder during the next service. We take your safety very seriously! -The Up & Go Team

They arrived 30 minutes late and left at 4pm. Total of 6 hours worked not the 730 hours reported. Besides that the ladies did a great job cleaning a very dusty and grimy house. I appreciated there professional demeanor as well as their experience. I wished they used more clorox and fresh smelling supplies. I was charged for supplies but they also used a lot of my own cleaning supplies. Overall I believe we got a bargain for all the work they put in. Definitely use this service again.

- Anonymous

- Sarah Brinton

Saúl is wonderful. Very grateful for his hard work and attention to detail.

- Liesje Hodgson

Saúl did an impeccable job of cleaning our home. We are grateful!

- Anonymous

Fantastic service and great communication from the cleaner. Recommending to all my friends!

- Sarah Brinton

- Tamara Shapiro

Maribel and Teresa were a joy to have in our home and incredibly thorough in their cleaning. They were clear in communicating with us and made the entire process simple. I would highly recommend - the house has never been cleaner!!

- Andrew Reynolds

Professional and friendly, excellent cleaning job

- Anonymous

Brightly cleaning executed a phenomenal clean to my apartment. They were flexible, professional and communicative. Would certainly recommend and am excited to work with them again.

- Grace McCants

Brightly Cleaning went above and beyond the call of duty. They put in the equivalent of 11 hours to ensure our apartment was spick spack clean. No rock was left unturned. Thanks to them, our apartment now feels like a home. They are kind and competent professionals to boot, and I would hire them again in an instant.

- Anonymous

Fantastic job!

- Tiphany Parker

Araceli is so thorough and we love how she makes all her cleaning products. She is such a lovely person - we really appreciate her work and everything is sparking when she is done!

- Anonymous

The team from Up & Go were on time, super thorough fans my home was clean as a whistle! They are lovely and so conscientious. Greatest cleaning experience ever!

- Julia Jean-Francois

The best cleaning service !!!!! kathy

- Kathy Gundacker

Maribel of Brightly did an outstanding job cleaning my apartment. I booked Brightly through the Up & Go website and it was easy to use and I appreciated getting to choose the extra service of getting my fridge cleaned. My roommates and I left her a key and went to run our Sunday errands. We came home and wanted to cry because she went above and beyond and made the apartment feel clean, home-y, and sparkly. Her cleaning allowed us to focus on other things for two weeks that weren't cleaning. We are so appreciative and we are definitely hiring Brightly again!

- Ysanet Batista

Friendly and thorough. Excellent! :)

- Anonymous

Excellent service! I was moving into a new apartment and wanted to hire a professional to do a deep clean before the movers came. I booked very last minute because of a cancellation from another company. Brightly was very accommodating, and Maria Esther did a fantastic job. Paying workers fairly and supporting a worker-owned business is important to me in creating a new home. I highly recommend Brightly to anyone.

- Anonymous

Maria was very thorough and very professional. I was very happy with the cleaning and will definitely be asking her to come back.

- Mona Abdelfatah

Socorro and Cirenia from Brightly Cleaning were wonderful! They were on time, professional, and my apartment has never been so clean! I look forward to scheduling their services on a regular basis.

- Meg Ray

Cirenia, my cleaning professional, was absolutely wonderful. She truly went above and beyond while cleaning my apartment. She was professional, respectful of the space, and incredibly friendly. My apartment looks cleaner than the day I moved in. THANK YOU!

- Chiara Nakashian

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