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"We offer guaranteed residential and commercial cleaning services with honesty and kindness. The satisfaction of our customers is our best reward.

Brightly East Harlem is a group of women who have come together to share our business and cleaning expertise while building economic justice. Our cooperative imagines a world with equality, respect and solidarity; where there are opportunities for success, and there is no discrimination. To achieve this vision, we work hard and united, to change the future and turn our dreams and the dreams of our community into reality."

What People Are Saying:

  • "I couldn't be more enthusiastic about the Brightly 'method.' They work hard, the results are sparkling and the whole team was a joy to work with: friendly, reliable, responsible.” —Gary B, Chelsea

Terrible !!!

- marisa oni-eseleh

I would give a 3.5 star, overall it’s good cleaning and they cleaned seven hours for two bathrooms, one kitchen, and common area. I greatly appreciate their efforts, but given the long time and the price of cleaning, for a higher standard, they didn’t clean the floor as well as I expected, but other areas are pretty well done.

- Anonymous

Incredible cleaning, so thorough!

- Anonymous

Conception was wonderful fast thorough and very nice.

- Anonymous

Majuri was very sweet to work with. She catered to everything that I mentioned specifically needed attention plus more! She even got out of my counter that I’ve tried to lift several different ways with no luck!

- Anonymous

Outstanding services; very effective and efficient!

- Anonymous

- Anonymous

- Alex Vourlidis

Thank you!

- Guillaume Marceau

Araceli is amazing and thorough. Everything in the house sparkles when she's done. Thank you again!

- Margaret Noel

- Evan Casper-Futterman

Araceli did a fantastic job on our apartment! Her work was thorough and detailed, and she got certain things (e.g. stove grates) cleaner than I have ever been able to myself. This was our first time hiring a professional cleaner, and it's clear paying for expertise is worth it. Highly recommend, will do it again.

- Bryan Lowder

- Anna Powell

- Jessie Catana

Marjery was very thorough but took a bit more time than usual. She'd be great for smaller apartments.

- Anonymous

Marjuri was amazing! Extremely thorough and friendly and did a fantastic job. Would not hesitate to book again.

- Brittany Wertenberger

Marjuri is a meticulous cleaner, our apartment is sparkling, from top to bottom!

- Alden Wicker

- Reza Hasan

- Anonymous

Thorough efficient cleaning, couldn't be happier!

- Anonymous

- Molly Neuman

We have had our cleaning by the Brightly team twice and we're astonished at how wonderful the job they've done is. We appreciate their work so much.

- Molly Neuman

- Kathryn Wallem

Leonor is awesome. She cleaned my apartment once before COVID and remembered me well from my one cleaning with her. She's very friendly and understanding, even though I have a playful dog who would try to bring her toys while she worked. My apartment is spotless. I couldn't have asked for better service or a better cleaning.

- Jose Miranda

- Anonymous

Thorough and efficient.

- Anonymous

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