Brightly (Carroll Gardens)

"We are committed to offering residential cleaning services of extraordinary quality, making our clients’ full satisfaction a top priority. We pledge to build fair and equitable relationships between our cooperative and all our clients.

We distinguish ourselves by setting the bar high both for clients and for workers, transforming homes and the cleaning industry at the same time. We are committed to securing quality, safe working conditions -- which means we can provide our customers with our best work. With every cleaning, we are investing in our community and the Latinx women who bring professional cleaning to your door."

What People Are Saying:

  • "I had a wonderful experience with Sunset Gardens. The cleaners were extremely attentive, know their trade, were careful and cleaned areas seldom addressed. They brought their preferred cleaning supplies and were flexible with my suggestions. Big smiles came with them. I highly recommend them." - Karen, Brooklyn

I enjoy Sandra’s “visits” and admire her attention to detail.

- Anonymous

Maria and Hilda cleaned every nook and cranny, every shelf, including the hard to reach places that haven’t been cleaned in years! I am beyond happy, and will certainly book Up & Go on a regular basis from here on in.

- Mary Moreno

Beautiful detailed work! Esmeralda is extremely friendly and a pleasure to work with.

- Anonymous

Luisa was amazing! She came on time and made my very dirty home sparkle. Truly a life saver.

- Anonymous

Sandra L is a thorough and delightful worker: she is a gift!

- Rosemary Green

- Anonymous

- Anonymous

- Anonymous

Sandra L is the best!

- Anonymous

After Sandra L left my apartment, I wondered how I existed without her help.

- Rosemary Green

An outstanding job every time.

- Len Joseph

- Anonymous

A little disappointed. Areas under couch were not mopped and bathroom was not clean.

- Anonymous

- Anonymous

Luisa did an amazing job and such a kind and pleasant person to work with. Highly recommend!

- Shannon Green

Esmeralda did a great job. I'm so happy.

- Anonymous

Esmeralda was great! I would recommend her in a heartbeat. Fantastic work!

- Philip Vickery

- Ann Lederman

Sandra was completely fantastic. Such a lovely person and INCREDIBLE at her job. My apartment has never been so clean! She put so much time and care in to every detail. I'm very grateful and so happy I learned about Brightly. Can't say enough good things!

- Mollie Ruskin

Great job! Sandra and Esmeralda are both extremely pleasant and extremely professional.

- Anonymous

This cleaning was generally good, not quite as good as the previous time. My only real complaint is I paid for a fridge cleaning and she did not do the freezer - which seems like it should be included for the cost.

- Lyla Catellier

My apartment was so clean! They did a great job with everything, it felt like I just moved in again.

- Anonymous

- Anonymous

- Anonymous

2 cleaners came and were there for less than 4 hrs. Was supposed to be a deep cleaning and I had to wipe things down after they left. Very disappointing especially for the price point.

- Anonymous

Luisa and Sandra are wonderful cleaners. The quality and depth of the work they do are superior. We rehired them because they did such a great job the last time and they did it again!

- Helene Onserud

Good morning, I emailed this to up and go a couple days ago but did not receive a response. Unfortunately, the cleaning was not as thorough as I expected - I noted a few times that one of our main concerns was dust and after cleaning, there were several walls and light fixtures that had dust remaining. I am not sure if these walls had been dusted and cleaned - in addition to dust on the walls of the lower level bathroom there was an obvious stain, just a foot or two above eye level. Of course anyone can miss one spot and that alone might not be an issue but like I said, it appears the room was not cleaned thoroughly. Also the cleaning service provider did not have a vacuum cleaner as requested - she stated that it was not on the order, however, my initial order did request that one be brought. I ended up driving to my current apartment to pick up my vacuum cleaner. The service provider was nice, but overall I was not satisfied with the service.

- jayhry@gmail.com jayhry@gmail.com

Fantastic cleaning from a kind and considerate soul. I love Up & Go.

- Angelo Guisado

Erlinda was professional, thorough, and a delight to work with. We are excited to continue developing a relationship with her and the Sunset Gardens Cleaning community!

- Samuel Gimbel

- Morgan Fritz

- Benjamin Pope

- Loren Ganoe

Friendly, thorough and very hard-working! Would definitely hire again.

- jeremy cleveland

Esmeralda was very patient and went beyond what our request was for.

- Anonymous

- Anonymous

Excellent job. Everything sparkled.

- Sylvia Tiersten

- Anonymous

The service was second to none and the woman who did the cleaning was INCREDIBLE. Will definitely be using again. Thank you!

- Sarao Bery

- Margaret Stephenson

I am so so grateful to have found this his wonderful service. They really go above and beyond.

- Bridgette O'Leary

- Anonymous

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